Docu Sign is the new standard for KW Agents and I can see why.  Signing is so intuitive.  I still use CTME because of the integration functionality, but DocuSign is a breeze for my dislcosures. I actually had a client say to me once, I don’t understand how to sign this CTMe document, please send it to me in DocuSign. 

Laura Connor

I'm a communications professional! As office manager for Win-Sum Inc, I take care of HR, payroll, billing and marketing. As a real estate agent I help clients who List it with Laura! sell their property at a great price. As a buyer's representative, I help buyers find the right property for them and write the offer that gets the keys. As Property Manager with Mt. Icculus Property Management I help tenants understand their lease and get maintenance needs met, while I help landlords get the best tenants and have great accounting for their properties!

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