Keller Williams Command the CRM I use for real estate

I love tech and how it can spread a message, and make a business offer known.

My love of tech makes me a great fit for Keller Williams, the only brokerage going head to head with the likes of Zillow and 

Every business person needs a CRM system, Client Relationship Management is at the core of sales. 

What emails have you already sent the buyer? Want to set up a series of emails that go out to a prospective buyer is a non annoying frequency? Want to send relevant neighborhood data to a buyer? Want to see at a glance where in the buying or selling process a client is now? 

In addition to keeping track of who you called when and who you may want to touch base with next, Command also assists with document workflow and compliance. 

All of the clients required contracts to have uploaded have a spot to go, and this spot is a reminder of what documents are coming up next.  Its also nice to search a clients name and get all of the documents and emails of that transaction so easily. 

I don’t need Canva anymore, because Command has design. 

I don’t need social media schedulers anymore because those are built in. 

I don’t need shutterstock because there are plenty of images and cool posts ready to go for me in the system. 

Check out Tristan Ahumada’s video on Command here

Marty Miller has an entire youtube channel dedicated to the 66 day challenge covering all aspects of mastering Command. 

Nick Baldwin is also a great Command teacher.