I believe property management companies should be responsive to and communicate with renters.

As a property manager, I’ll represent the landlord.

But I also remind the landlord of the basic standards of livability and ensure the unit would never fall below that.

Property management entails fiduciary responsibility, or  accounting skills.

Investing in rental properties should be a good way to invest money and not lose it, and that’s what I like tracking. How a rental unit can be a small source of income and a long term way to preserve and enhance wealth. But it only works when its done well. There’s a million ways being a landlord can go horribly wrong. But that’s where my skillset comes in, in writing the lease terms, communicating with tenants, carrying out inspections and watching the cash flow.  Find out more at LauraConnorPropertyMgmt.com  Realtor at Keller Williams Colorado West Realty, LLC. 826 Grand Ave Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.