Win-Sum, Inc is an example client of Pattern Full Communications.  For Win-Sum, I create forms for his employees to easily complete the Quickbooks Online Payroll enrollment.  I send copies of workers comp policy and insurances to commercial clients who need those on file.  I run payroll.  I do monthly billing through Quickbooks Online. I follow up with A/R.  Keeping track of the A/P, and doing tax prep are other tasks I complete. I address client’s billing needs, and write up bids. I’m currently implementing Business Manager 365 as our new CRM because I like the functionality for employees and tasks and the custom app that will help Erin organize his business on the go.  The best part, it syncs with all of the Microsoft 365 tools I already use.  I send marketing emails through the email address of . Perhaps the most fun part of my role is deciding on and ordering the gear. Let me know if you want some! I enjoy sending the occasional Win-Sum post card.  You can check out Win-Sum’s social media marketing, right now we’re primarily using a Facebook Business Page: